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life is a dance

so dance, you magnificent bastard!


I help executives, leaders, young professionals, teams, creative minds, moms, dads and individuals to

get unstuck
take the next step​
make their mission a reality

bring forward what matters


Explore 1-1 Coaching with me to take the next step.

Whether you are looking for clarity, balance, progress or purpose regarding yourself, your life or your work, I will guide you to your success - decide to take the next step.

Option 1


300€ (VAT 0%) per month, for 4 months

This option is ideal if you wish to change the conditions in which you are currently in. Something isn't quite right, you're being held back or perhaps everything is a bit too much and you want to get out of the fog. Overcome confusion, gain stability, integrate ideas and make some real headway with commitment and accountability to push through. 

*Virtual or live

Option 2


Typical length is 6 months

This option is ideal if you wish to achieve sustainable change. During these 6 months you will design and create the life you desire. Gain clarity on whatever is holding you back and make life changing actions towards a defined vision. No more overlooking what matters to you. Overcome self-limiting beliefs, integrate your passions and make some real progress with commitment, accountability and synergy. 

*Virtual or live

**Pricing designed together

Option 3


Typical length is 12-18 months 

This option is ideal if you wish to truly transform your life and go after your dreams. You are ready to commit to taking charge of your life - no more ifs, buts, shoulds or woulds. During these 12-18 months you will fearlessly uncover yourself, explore the uncomfortable and design and create the life you desire.


The journey might be messy, but that's more an invitation to you than an excuse. 

*Virtual or live

**Pricing designed together 

Option 4


Minimum length 6 months

Designed for successful, ambitious executives who are pioneers in their field. You are striving towards a balanced fulfilled life where your best self shines through.


Discover your true impact as a leader, gain clarity on your purpose in life, uncover the depth and richness you can reach and bring forward what truly matters to you.

*Virtual or live

**Pricing designed together (min. 8000€/year)

Let's jump on a free call and get clarity on your situation to find out the next best step.
How might coaching help me?
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Where am I going?

Perhaps there doesn't seem to be a clear direction in your life at the moment. Or you want to gain a broader perspective to your situation. Perhaps you're on a firm path but not really sure where it's leading. Creating a clear vision for your future and understanding your context can provide navigation points and  make taking the next step easier.

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What am I feeling?

You might be accommodating a feeling that you're not quite sure of - something isn't quite right but it's difficult to pinpoint what. Perhaps you're more agitated lately, or underwhelmed or possibly anxious. Gaining clarity on your emotions can unlock you to make your next move. 

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What should I do? 

Life is happening fast and there's just so many decision and choices to make. Perhaps you're wondering about your career, or your development or whether to move to another country or not. Is there a venture you want to pursue or a path you've been dreaming of? Grounding yourself and reconnecting with your 'why', understanding the bigger picture, can guide you into taking the next step 



makes a difference

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