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It’s likely that you’ve signed up for courses and mastermind workshops in the hope that you’ll get the clarity you seek. Perhaps you've read multiple self-help books and got some headway. In the end something didn't stick, sustainably. You might've found them too generic and impersonal or you have more specific challenges relating to your situation that couldn’t be answered simply by watching videos, reading books or in a room full of people. 

1-1 coaching is a method to create meaningful sustainable change in your life. Coaching provides structure to unpacking your situation, it creates accountability to reach your goals and will deepen your self knowledge to take on whatever life brings you. 

Our coaching sessions will bring all of you into the mix, we’ll dive into who you are with deep personal inquiry, we’ll unearth your motivating values and vision, we will discover your natural leader and get clarity on your goals and direction. We’ll define what your vision looks like, join up all the dots, add structure, process and method to ensure that the path ahead makes sense and continues to fill you with inspiration and purpose.

When could I benefit from coaching?

Coaching might bring value if you feel stuck in life; with or without a clear direction. You might be having difficulties in making a decision or with coping with everything that's going on. In some way or form you know that you're not in a place where you want to be, physically or mentally.


To embark on a coaching journey you should have some amount of self command and motivation. You should attune to a learner's mindset and commit time and effort wise to your transformation. 


Everything else will come as we begin. Our coaching will carry you further, create accountability and build clarity, strength and sustainable change. 

*A kind reminder that a coach is a specialist in coaching, not on your life. It is YOU who has the knowledge about your life; who is the author of your life. A coach is an expert at raising your awareness of the wisdom within you, so that you can make your own decisions to live a life that looks like you.

Situations where a coach can help

  • I am ambitious and I have goals but for some reason I've been drifting rather than having clarity or accountability on how to reach them.

  • I have difficulties finding balance between work, leisure, my partner, my children and everything else that takes my time.

  • I am in a demanding situation in my life and just need to breathe a little and get more perspective.

  • I don't know what I really want to do in my life.

  • I've got a new job and I feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle everything.

  • I’m a bit stuck in my relationship/my job/my life and need to move forward.



We start with a complimentary 45-minute conversation & discuss your situation and goals, I'll explain how I work and suggest how many sessions you'll likely need to achieve your goals.

Once all the technicalities are in place, we start with an initial 6 x 1 Hour Sessions, every two weeks over the course of 3 to 6 months - you can always add more should you need them.

We coach 1-1, via Zoom, Teams, phone, or face to face if circumstances permit by clarifying your mission and structuring your vision. I'll set you tasks and exercises to do as homework that will stretch you, grow you and build self knowledge and clarity on your future.

This results in solid, confident ownership of who you are as a person, ownership of the value you bring and clarity and awareness of your ideal life.



Awareness and a sense of peace as you embody your true nature.

Ease and relief as things fall into place.

A meaningful direction and clarity on your path to become your true self. 

A broader understanding of you are.

Concrete results towards your vision and goals.

A companion through your coaching journey who will hold you accountable in your journey and always have your best interest at heart.


When taking the next step 
makes a difference

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